Clinica Pêro wants to generate high quality medical care for patients.

Our healthcare team consists of doctors and scientists who truly listen and strive for root cause solutions to your problems.

We approach medicine with concepts from evolutionary biology, prescribe pharmaceuticals conservatively, and recognize the power of lifestyle interventions. We believe that good doctors continuously update their knowledge and gain valuable insights from kindly volunteered patient data.

In our small way, we hope to nudge the science boulder forward.

Dr. Diana Pessoa is our medical director and an oncology specialist. Raphael Sirtoli is our head of scientific research, he holds an MSc in Molecular Biology and is a PhD candidate in Health Sciences. Raphael supports Dr. Pessoa by reviewing medical literature and analyzing lab data, helping her get more one-on-one time with patients.

When brothers Josh and Zach Harvey co-founded Clinic Pêro, they did so with an ethos of transparency, competency, and respect for a patient’s time and personal choices.

Leading by example, they adopted many of the lifestyle practices endorsed Clínica Pêro.

By re-designing the way healthcare teams operate, they can now support medical care that goes beyond symptom management, that puts patients over profits, and uses healthcare resources responsibly.

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