A consultation at Clínica Pêro is more than just going to the doctor

A face-to-face conversation is still our preferred way to see patients!

Our pack includes: First medical consultation + Review of your case by the science team + Summary report + Follow-up consultation.

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45min + 20min
First consultation

The initial consultation lasts 45 minutes and gives you time to talk about any problems, goals or questions. We’re not just interested in your medical and family history, we also want to learn about your diet, sleep and exercise habits, as they also play a massive role in your health.

Science team review

Our scientists support our doctors by reviewing patient cases together, going over blood work and taking the time to research answers to your questions. Our team won’t just help you with your symptoms, they’re also interested in discovering the root cause of your problems.

The viewpoint diversity in our team is key to practicing a more robust kind of medical science.

The final product of this multidisciplinary work is an easy-to-understand summary report.

Summary report

It contains a summary of your first consultation, blood work results, answers to your questions, and the next steps we recommended you take.

We explain what the blood results mean in simple terms and without confusing jargon.

The report helps you weigh the risks and benefits of medical decisions.

Follow-up consultation

In the 20 minute follow-up appointment, the doctor will help you understand the summary report and make sure you can practically implement the next recommended steps.

We want you to leave the appointment with clarity and a plan to support your future efforts.

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45min + 20min
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